Scott Eli Picunko

Ever notice how a male child can take any object (a stick, a toilet bowl brush, whatever), and pretend it's a gun or a space ship? Yeah, that was me. When I discovered I could draw, I started taking note pads that were lying around the house and making flip-book animations, usually of things getting blown up. Now that I'm grown up and mature, I use all sorts of expensive computer equipment to pretend to blow things up.

I created my first CGI animation when I was in high school in the mid eighties. It was called "Rover" and was about a little wheeled robot bumbling about on the surface of Mars (incidentally, this was twelve years before the Sojourner Mars mission). Painstakingly coded in DOS "Advanced BASIC", it was 2D wireframe with no sound and of course involved blowing something up.

After graduating from from The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a degree in Illustration, I headed back to my home state of New York. There I worked as a freelance illustrator for books and magazines, and a production artist for ad agencies and design firms for many years.

I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. When I'm not spending countless hours developing Radiomouse, I work as a freelance Photoshop artist.

My passion has always been animation, and Radiomouse is my ultimate flip-book!

I'm the voice of Sherman, Aldus, Old Screw, and others in the Radiomouse previsual.

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