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We are currently seeking investors to partner with on our Radiomouse journey.



The objective is to produce the first high quality and profitable animated feature film within an indie budget. The goal is to form a virtual studio comprised of artists from around the world, market the film through social media and paid advertising, and self-distribute via VOD and streaming services.


Project Details

The era of $150 million budgets will end, and that’s a good thing! Hollywood has long had a monopoly on animated features, manufacturing merchandise-driven formula movies that are little more than two-hour commercials for toys and princess dresses. Considering the current state of technology, there is a huge opportunity for creative entrepreneurs: a massive unfilled niche for low budget, high quality animated stories of all kinds.

Radiomouse is the first CGI animated feature to be made on an indie budget. How? Passion, talent and efficiency. By drawing from years invested in character and story development, finding emerging talent and utilizing cost-effective solutions, Radiomouse has the potential to start an overdue revolution in the animation industry!

Looking toward the future, the property has strong franchise and merchandise possiblities as well.


Target Audience

In the spirit of The Incredibles and Star Wars, Radiomouse is a family-friendly action adventure. The target demographic is 7–12 year olds (and their parents), as well as early teens.


The Virtual Studio

Aximandis is the new “virtual studio” and production company that will be creating Radiomouse, working remotely with artists from around the world.

The largest single expense will be animators (50% of the preliminary budget is allocated for animation talent). Key scenes will be prioritized for the animators, and when the animation budget is depleted the remaining scenes will be animated in-house.

Other efforts to keep expenses low will include taking advantage of low to no-cost software solutions, licensing as many pre-existing 3D assets as possible and utilizing professional voice talent rather than attaching known actors to the project.



Outside the production budget, there is a generous amount of funding for outreach and advertising. Social media efforts will begin early, while paid ad placement will start closer to the release date. Advertising professionals and strategic thinkers will be consulted to form an effective marketing campaign and target likely viewers.



True to the independent spirit of this project, the chosen release method is online self-distribution. Aggregator companies will (for a fee) review the film, quality control and conform the assets, create closed captions, submit to various video-on-demand and streaming services, and manage back-end sales tracking. They can also provide promotional strategies. A traditional distributor may be necessary for foreign sales and for Redbox. No US theatrical release is planned at this time.


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