The Story

An interplanetary war rages. The Battle Cats, seeking to restore their honor after generations of humiliation, advance to conquer the noble War Dogs. As the conflict grows, the Mice watch in fear from their peaceful planet. In desperation, they hire an indebted, misfit adventurer named Radiomouse. His mission: To acquire a mystical Stone that, according to legend, can transport the Mice away to safety. Unfortunately, the Battle Cats have possession of the Stone.

And so the adventure begins. With help from a hapless bird, a wise robot and a thick-headed but lovable dog, Radiomouse embarks on a journey full of twists and turns to find the Stone and save his planet. He must overcome angry Cats, psychotic Raccoons, dangerous Warlords, and his biggest obstacle of all… himself.

Previsual Teaser

An early development teaser for Radiomouse, scheduled for release in late 2019. This is not meant to represent the final look of the film, or the final animation, but rather capture the overall feeling of the film.

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Below are some early concept images for Radiomouse.

News and Updates

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